South Africa

South Africa


Wine making in South Africa has a history that starts sometime in the middle of the 17th century. The areas around the the city of Cape Town, were and still are the primary areas where the grapes and vineyards for most of South Africa's wine industry are located.

Other regions such as Stellenbosch, Paarl and Worcester also produce great wines as well.

The famous Constantia Estate which produced wines in the 17th century popular with kings such as Frederick the Great and the Emperor Napoleon in Europe, still produce some of South Africa's finest wines.


South Africa

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Refreshing and crisp with hints of tropical fruit salad...
Ex Tax: £6.50
Berry aromas on the nose; this wine is soft, dry and we...
Ex Tax: £6.74
Tropical fruit and a generous touch of spice, luscious ...
Ex Tax: £10.42
This delicious Pinotage is made exclusively from free-r...
Ex Tax: £11.80
Beautifully rounded, complex wine with dark berry flavo...
Ex Tax: £17.76
Rich aromas of plums and blackcurrant backed by mild wo...
Ex Tax: £10.42
Pepper, plum and liquorice aromas, mingle with hints of...
Ex Tax: £13.01
This crafted blend is an accessible, easy-drinking red ...
Ex Tax: £9.99
A fresh, crisp wine with tropical fruit aromas and flav...
Ex Tax: £9.81
Aromas and flavours of green pepper, asparagus and goos...
Ex Tax: £15.41
  • Sella and Mosca
  • La Scolca
  • Vignali Roccamena
  • Cantina Tollo
  • Cusumano
  • Firriato
  • Zaccagnini
  • Statti
  • Berlucchi
  • Argiolas

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