The grape variety Turbiana is also known as the 'Trebbiano di Lugana', but not to be confused with the Trebbiano grape found elsewhere in Italy.

Research indicates that it is more likely to have a genetic similarity to Verdicchio and is one of the few native grapes to Italy, that are capable of ageing. 


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Intense wine with elegant floral and citrus fruity note...
Ex Tax: £16.02
Intense and seductive on the nose with elegant floral n...
Ex Tax: £17.22
89 POINTS - Wine Spectator -  87 POINTS - Wine En...
Ex Tax: £17.28
90 POINTS - Wine Spectator -  90 POINTS - Robert ...
Ex Tax: £25.17
Based on 2 reviews.
Refreshingly delicate, pleasing bouquet and a fresh, so...
Ex Tax: £11.56
  • Sella and Mosca
  • La Scolca
  • Vignali Roccamena
  • Cantina Tollo
  • Cusumano
  • Firriato
  • Zaccagnini
  • Statti
  • Berlucchi
  • Argiolas

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