The Shiraz grape varietal can produce some monumental red wines, complete with strong tannins and complex combinations of flavours, including blackberries, plums, black pepper and smokey notes.

It is commonly known as Syrah in France and other Old World countries and Shiraz mainly in Australia and South Africa.

The Syrah is one of the noble grapes of the Rhone valley, used predominantly in wines such as Crozes Hermitage.

The Shiraz is often referred to as Australia's spicy, big hitter, but the more subtle and complex varieties can be found in certain areas where the winemaker has looked for a wine with more finesse and character.

As far as food is concerned, the Shiraz never ceases to amaze when enjoyed with strong meats or mature cheeses. Often, It has so much flavour that it can actually be enjoyed on its own without any food; not bad, as they are usually 14% plus in volume, so go easy if you decide to go down this route!


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A superb blend of Nero d'Avola and Syrah that has s...
Ex Tax: £10.96
Named after the first recorded winemaker himself, Noah,...
Ex Tax: £26.19
This contemporary styled Nero d'Avola offers excell...
Ex Tax: £26.19
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Cherry and plum aromas with a touch of spice; medium bo...
Ex Tax: £8.91
Aromas of violet, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and bla...
Ex Tax: £8.37
Beautifully rounded, complex wine with dark berry flavo...
Ex Tax: £17.76
Pepper, plum and liquorice aromas, mingle with hints of...
Ex Tax: £13.01
Fruity, Intense aromas, with notes of black pepper. ...
Ex Tax: £9.52
Elegant, medium-bodied with spicy aromatics and a palat...
Ex Tax: £16.80
This crafted blend is an accessible, easy-drinking red ...
Ex Tax: £9.99
Intense and fresh with aromas of violets and balsamic h...
Ex Tax: £17.94
Fruity aromas of red berries and hints of cherries and ...
Ex Tax: £13.25
Intense and persistent aromas with spicy notes of woodl...
Ex Tax: £7.82
Deep red in colour, this wine is packed with aromas of ...
Ex Tax: £9.93
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