Feudo di Santa Croce Megale Negroamaro

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The taste of a vintage wine, soft and harmonious, elegant and pleasant.

Feudo di Santa Croce is located in Apulia, on the Salento peninsula which stretches about 100Km out into the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, and is commonly known as 'the heel' of the boot. 

Thanks to its water resources and climate, with a good range of temperature between day and night, this is Apulia's wine-product region par excellence.

The Tinazzi family planted the 15 hectares surrounding Feudo di Santa Croce with indigenous grapes, which it grows with much care and attention.

Grapes:    100% Negroamaro del Salento

Region:    Italy / Puglia / Carosino, Taranto

Maker:      Mario Ercolino

Notes:      Intense ruby red with violet hues. Fruity aromas with notes of plums and cherries. The taste of a vintage wine, soft and harmonious, elegant and pleasant.

Serve:      At 16-18c with first dishes, grilled meats or cheeses of medium consistency.

ABV:        14%

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